Cannabis and Meditation

Cannabis and Meditation

Have you ever consumed marijuana, then watched a movie? Did you notice how incredibly focused you were on what was happening on the screen? Sometimes when you “weed watch,” you lose sight of the movie’s storyline and became singularly fixated on a character’s face, their features and mannerisms, the way the dialogue emerges from their mouth. You might walk out of that movie unable to tell someone what it was about, but you could probably describe every blemish on an actor’s nose.

Your surroundings help, of course. The darkened theater. The comfy seats. Your gaze locked on a tall bright screen. The environment fosters that kind of concentration, no differently than if you had just smoked a joint, then sat alone on a pillow in your bedroom, staring at a candle flame while a didgeridoo plays in the background. Which is why it’s no surprise that marijuana can be a great tool in meditation.


You’ve heard of “negative bias,” the tendency we have for obsessing over negative thoughts. It can have a terrible impact on our daily lives and long-term health. Meditation has proven to be a reliable panacea for that kind of thinking, in that it helps us to focus only on what is happening in the present moment, and to avoid brooding over a past we cannot control.   So how can marijuana supplement the positive effects of meditation to give us an even greater sense of calm?

cannabis and meditation

If you’re new to mindful meditation, you know how hard it can be to quiet the storm in your head. It gets easier with a lot of practice, but when you’re starting out it can be frustrating. That’s where pot comes in. Effects vary by strain, but marijuana can help you prepare for meditation by relaxing your body and mind, and giving you a head-to-toe sense of calm. Pot can also can heighten your sensory and time perception, allowing you to gain insight and spiritual enlightenment more than you would with meditation alone.

Marijuana and meditation make an excellent team because they bring about the same benefits. Researchers have linked both pot and meditation to the successful treatment of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and general stress relief. Studies have also shown that both marijuana and meditation can reduce inflammation and physical pain.


So how do you prepare for a meditation session enhanced by marijuana?

  1. Experiment with different strains. You want a strain that relaxes you but doesn’t knock you flat on your back. It’s a plus if that strain also promotes feelings of happiness and doesn’t dry out your mouth or give you a case of the munchies. You don’t want to start feeling hungry or thirsty while you’re meditating.
  2. How you consume pot before you meditate is entirely up to you. If you prefer edibles, set aside a few hours of time because it could take quite a while for the marijuana to kick in. Smoking flower is the quickest way to a high; just make sure you take only a couple of hits to start. If you get the “too highs,” you won’t be able to focus.
  3. Prepare your surroundings. You don’t want to be distracted by other people or by noise like traffic or ringing telephones. On the other hand, music or nature sounds can be very effective in promoting a relaxed environment. Also, make sure you’re physically comfortable. Use pillows, cushions, a pile of laundry, whatever you need to create a soft and cozy spot for your tush. Lastly, regulate the temperature in the room so you’re not too hot or too cold.

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