A Case of the “Too Highs”

A Case of the “Too Highs”

A Case of the Too HighsIs it possible to get too high on marijuana? Some might joke that you can never be too high, but you definitely can. The good news is that there are ways to help yourself come down from a major high, and there are ways to avoid becoming too high in the first place.

First, who are the people that are most likely to get “too high?” Well, new cannabis users obviously top the list. If you’re a marijuana rookie, you may not feel the effects of smoking or eating edibles as quickly as you’d like. New users sometimes get frustrated by the lag time, so they go overboard in trying to make something happen. If you’re new to cannabis, keep in mind that you might not get high at all the first time you try marijuana. It might take a few “sessions” before your body allows the THC to kick in. The last thing you want to do is treat that joint like it’s a cigarette and smoke the whole thing by yourself, or eat a second or third brownie because it’s been an hour and the first one hasn’t hit you yet. You could end up in a bad place. Relax. Take it easy. Be patient. Let the high come to you, and take the time to figure out what your tolerance level is. You’ll be glad you did!


Remember, you can avoid the “too highs” by taking it slow and patiently figuring out what your body can tolerate. But if you start experiencing any or all of the symptoms listed above, there are many things you can do to come back down. Some of these methods will seem obvious, and others might make you laugh, but the important thing is that they work!

RELAX AND BREATHE. If you think you’re greening out, or if you feel anxiety or panic coming on, try to relax and breathe deeply and slowly. You can have irrational thoughts when you start to feel anxious but remember that you cannot overdose and die using marijuana. You WILL feel better. Sit back. Lie down. Take a warm bath. Allow your body to relax.

DISTRACT YOURSELF. Listen to music. Watch a movie. Write. Paint. Play a fun video game (not a crazy, violent one). Go for a walk. Have sex. Anything to take your mind somewhere else and experience feel-good sensations.

HYDRATE. Drink lots of water, and maybe have a few light snacks. The water will help with cottonmouth and snacks like nuts or cheese can sometimes help people feel grounded. Do NOT drink alcohol! That’ll make things worse. According to the American Association of Clinical Chemistry, alcohol increases THC blood concentrations, and you don’t want that if you’ve got the “too highs” already.

EAT BLACK PEPPER. You might be laughing at this one, but hear us out! Chewing on a few peppercorns – or even just sniffing them – can be a big help. Black pepper contains terpenes that can act as mild sedatives and counter the effects of THC.

DRINK COFFEE OR LEMONADE. Both include properties that can mellow out your high. In fact, any citrus fruits can help. You can put a piece of fruit (even a lemon rind) in your mouth and keep it there for a while. Like black pepper, citrus enzymes can counter the effects of THC.

Would you like to know more about the “too highs” and how to counteract them? Swing by our store and chat with one of our friendly budtenders. We want your experience with marijuana to be a positive one, and we’re here to listen and help! See you soon!