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Robin C

I live for my Family and I am a very active person. I am a visonary and bring lots to the table. Blessed

Favorite Strain
Silvertip, Rose, Fruitloops, Bubba Kush, Galactic Glue, MK Ultra, Orange Kush Breath.

Why do you use Cannabis?
I use cannabis for social and rec mostly but like unwind from a long day of work with my Indy Pro..

Misty B

I am a family person and you can always catch me doing outdoor activities.

Favorite Strains
Blue Dream. I love love Sativas

Why do you use Cannabis?
Medical use and have dropped all meds and only on THC/CBD

Dean A

Retired Marine Father of 5 beautiful children..

Favorite Strain
Liberty Haze

Why do you use Cannabis?
It has saved my LIFE!!!

Valerie F

I always bring sunshine and a beautiful SMILE..

Favorite Strain
All depends on what the day brings and what I am doing. Concentrates are my go too..

Why do you use Cannabis?
To enjoy some social and fun times.

Carrie B

Mother of three. Uniquely made, one of a kind, limited edition human. I try to be the shining light in everyone’s day and uplift everyone around me.

Favorite Strains:
I smoking Sativas but enjoy it all. My favorite strains are Candyland, Pink 2.0, Amnesia Haze, Moonshine Haze, Blue Dream, Dutchberry, and Dutch Treat.

Why do you use cannabis?
I use cannabis for depression, eating, and to keep my cool demeanor.

Veronica G

I cuss like a sailor. I love drinking and I love smoking. Summer is my favorite season. I will go to Outer Space one day, and I have too many favorite colors.

Favorite strain:
Mk Ultra, Pamilena, Pink 2.0, Super Lemon Haze, but at the end of the day Sativas are my favorite.

Why do you use cannabis?
I use Cannabis to help me stay sane, happy, and also to combat migraines.

Dave D

Just a nerd with some herb. I’m a humble budtender, and social media marketer. I love books, I enjoy playing disc golf, watching movies, farming, and being outside.

Favorite strain:
I enjoy them all. Everyone has a time and place.

Why do you use cannabis?
I use cannabis to manage my anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Cannabis gets me out of my head and into the world.